Hello world!

This is my humble attempt to join the blogging world. Always looking for information on Maryland’s association with the Confederacy. Also researching Delaware Confederates, so if you know of any please drop me a line.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I am always happy to find new bloggers about the Civil War. Good luck!


  2. Thanks Joshua

  3. Mark,

    From one Mark to another. Good luck! I’ll be watching you …

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks Mark…you should have done a blog about your trip to China!

  5. Mark,

    Welcome to the Civil War blogosphere. Eric W. speaks highly of you, so I look forward to checking out the new blog.

    Brett S.

  6. Thanks Brett, I’ve checked yours out from time to time. I can’t let Eric down, he may not let me attend any Musters…LOL!

  7. If you’re looking for Maryland Confederates, then you will find quite a few of note in the ranks of the famous 43rd Battalion Partisan Rangers – Mosby’s Rangers. The greatest number of men in the command were residents of Virginia but next to them were the Marylanders, many of whom swam the Potomac (according to contemporary accounts) to ‘join up’ with the Gray Ghost. Indeed, one of the photographs taken of the men from Mosby’s command contained nothing but Marylanders; Mosby had great faith in them and their courage.

    Parenthetically, in the famous Greenback Raid in which Mosby and his men derailed an express train and made off with, among other things, Yankee payroll of almost $200,000, Mosby rode to the area with a timetable in his pocket which had been precured for him by one of his Marylanders who went into Baltimore at Mosby’s order to get a B&O timetable – and returned safely.

    It seems that after Mosby prevented Union General Philip Sheridan from rebuilding the Manassas Gap Railroad by his numerous attacks, the choleric little fellow pronounced that under his protection, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was ‘safe’ from guerrilla attack! Lil’ Phil should have known better. Naturally, Mosby took that as a challenge and proceeded to answer same to Sheridan’s profound embarassment.

    V. P.

  8. Thanks for the comment Valerie. Quite a few Maryland boys rode with Mosby. I’ve also found a couple of Delaware boys as well. Maryland men served admirably in numerous Confederate commands. All Maryland units served in the East except for the 3rd Maryland Artillery which served along the Mississippi river and the deep south.

  9. Mark, if you send me an e-mail at the above, I will send you a photograph from John Munson’s ‘reminiscences’ which shows Mosby and a bunch of his Marylanders. I don’t know YOUR e-mail address and I don’t think I can attach it to a comment, so if you are interested (although you might already have it), just give me a note and I’ll scan it into the computer and send it to you.

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