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Eric Wittenberg who has the only Civil War website I haunt, CWDG online, now has started a website for fans of the American Revolution… . Now I have a place to spend more of my time and cause me to not finish my “Honeydo” lists!  While I will always put the Civil War as my passion, I also have an interest in the Revolutionary War. The only problem I see with the new site is my favorite Brit is a moderator. Mark Peters will probably extract some revenge on us “Colonials”. Mark will be able to help us understand the war from the British perspective. Mark was expressing his opinion that we shouldn’t have won the war. I agree with that statement and will take it one farther. The Confederates had a better chance of winning the Civil War than we had of winning our freedom in the Revolutionary War. Head on over to Eric’s new site and bring your opinions!

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  1. Mark, you know I’m not a vindictive person. Really! Well, not very much anyway.

    With reference to who should have won the war, I do need to clarify. All things being equal, it should have been an easy win on paper for the King. In fact, the Whigs should have never allowed it to get to that stage in the first place. But, as we know, things are never equal and that’s why the strongest side doesn’t necessarily win. Using a sporting cliche, it was probably won by the side who wanted it more. Anyway, I’ll leave the rest of my thoughts to the new forum.

  2. I know Mark….I was just kidding you! Look forward to learning about the Rev War from your country’s perspective.

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