Jones-Imboden Raid

Seems Christmas has come early this year.  Zouave and Eric from the Cwdg online website informed me that McFarland Publishing would be publishing a book by Darrell Collins on one of my favorite raids that recieves little attention. The Jones-Imboden raid, which began late April and lasted for almost 30 days, was designed to disrupt the B & O Railroad and to cut Telegraph communication.  In a two pronged attack, “Grumble” Jones and John Imboden road through Western Maryland and Western Virginia. The highlights of the raid were as follows:

Traveled over 700 miles, Fought two battles and several skirmishes, captured almost 700 prisoners( many were homeguards), procured 1000 head of cattle and 1200 horses, burned 150,000 barrels of oil in Oil City, 16 RailRoad bridges and a Tunnel, Two Trains of cars and several boats.

Cavalry units involved in the raid were some of the best the South had to offer: 1st Maryland Cavalry, 6th Virginia, 7th Virginia, 11th Virginia, 12th Virginia, 34th Virginia, 35th Virginia and McNeill’s Rangers rode with Jones. The 18th Virginia Cavalry, 19th Virginia, 22nd Virginia, 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry rode with Imboden.

I’m patiently waiting for this one and wish Mr Collin’s good luck. Here is the link for those who may be interested in this neglected raid of the civil war.

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  1. Mark,

    I thought the 1st Maryland became part of the 1st Virginia, prior to the 1st Battle of Bull Run. If so, how did they take part in the raid as part of the 1st Maryland?

    No doubt, I lost track of their re-incarnation somewhere along the line.


  2. The Marylanders who started 1st Maryland Cavalry had served in the 1st Virginia Cavalry mostly in Companies M & K.

  3. Mark:

    Well that’s one topic out of the way. Now if we can just get a good bio on “Grumble.”

    BTW, when did the 21st VA Cavalry hook up with Jones?

    Mike Peters, AKA Zouave

  4. Hi Mike,

    The 21st Virginia was one of the units Jone’s assembled for his new brigade after he was banished from the ANV because of his squabbles with Stuart. Jones trooper’s consisted of these units:

    8th Va Cav
    21st Va Cav
    27th Va Cav
    34th Va Cav
    36th Va Cav
    37th Va Cav

    And a good bio on Jones would be nice as well!

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