Remembrance Day 2006

I visited Gettysburg recently and took in the Remembrance Day parade. I was a re-enactor for most of the 125th Anniversary events and really came away with an appreciation for the the civil war soldier and Napoleaonic tatics. However one thing I noticed was the small amount of younger people re-enacting. Seems like the ranks of soldiers has gotten grayer and heavier than I remembered when I wore the Gray. After the parade, I was able to do a little book shopping which was nice since I missed all the Civil War shows due to a job change.  I’ve already warned my better half that we’ll be making a trip to Broadfoot Publishing’s used book outlet in Wendell, North Carolina soon. If you’ve never had the chance to visit Ms. Jean at Broadfoot’s….well you don’t know what your missing. Only about 30 minute’s off of Rt. 95, I usually hit this treasure trove for civil war books when I’m on my way back from Florida. There are thousands of books, many at half price. I often see other civil war book dealers buying there. So if your a civil war book nut like me, save some money by stopping in and say hi to Ms. Jean for me!

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  1. Maryland Reb:

    Does Ms Jean have a website?

    Mike Peters

  2. Hi Mike,

    Here you go…

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