Why Books and not relics?

Many people over the years have assumed I collect civil war relics when I tell them about my civil war book collection. And I’m sure many book collectors collect relics as well. I just never had an interest in relic collecting. I do enjoy seeing relics in museums as well as civil war shows when I’m there buying books. I have always felt you are a bigger target for theft, I mean it’s kind of hard to move over 1500 books. Also you  have a lot of relics that are actually fakes, especially on eBay. Another thing is there are some great book dealers out there. Dealers I’ve enjoyed buying from are:

  Butternut & Blue, Broadfoot Publishing, Olde Soldier Books, First Corps Books, Camp Pope Bookshop, Morningside, Brandy Station Bookshelf, and countless Mom and Pop shops that you find surfing the web.

So while Border’s and Barnes & Noble look nice with their Coffee Bar’s, Beatnik’s, chess tournaments, clean restrooms, poetry readings…..give me an old fashioned bookshoppe that has nice used books at a cheap price and even better conversation from an owner who loves what he does.

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