Forgotten Delaware Confederates

Though I was born in Texas, I have spent the majority of my life living on the Delmarva Peninsula.  The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware had numerous men run the blockade to join the Confederacy. Several are household names such as, General Arnold Elzey (Jones) and Charles S. Winder. Winder and Admiral Franklin Buchanan are buried in the same family burial ground near Wye Mills, Maryland. While quite a bit has been written about Maryland’s involvement in the Confederacy, Delaware’s part has been ignored. After searching for over 10 years I have garnered about 75 names of Delawareans who served the Confederacy. While estimates have as many as 1000 Delawareans serving the Confederacy, I feel the number was about 250-300. My original goal was to self publish a monograph, however I came across a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp in Seaford, Delaware called the Delaware Grays who are planning on erecting a monument to these brave souls who gave up their wordly goods to fight against Yankee oppression. They would like to publish a book to help raise money for their monument, so I donated my list of men that I’ve located. Delaware, much like Maryland, was a seized state. Union troops were stationed throughout Delaware to scare southern leaning Delaware Democrats. Many men in this region were arrested without cause or charges and thrown into Prison or “sent South”. No where was this Interference more felt than during the November 4th 1862  elections in Delaware. Known Southern Sympathizer’s and Staunch Democrats were driven away from the polls and not allowed to vote by Federal troops with fixed bayonets. I’m lucky enough to own a rare copy of a book published about the Union soldiers intervention at the Delaware Polls. Published in 1863 in Dover, Delaware by James Kirk, this book called “Report of the Committee of the General Assembly of the State of Delaware together with the Journal of the Committee, and the Testimony taken before them, in regard to the Interference by the United States Troops with the General Election held in the State on the Fourth Day of November, 1862”. That may be the longest title of any Civil War related book! 😀  If you would like to help these fine men establish a monument to Delaware Confederates that will be erected in Georgetown, Delaware please visit this site and tell them Mark sent you. People in the South should realize that many Border Staters laid down their lives wearing the Gray, even though their state wasn’t allowed to secede.

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  1. thank you for your research

  2. Thanks for your reply.

  3. You are right to say that we know little of the men that fought for us from the border States.The yankee tactics,how ever do not change.

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