Grace the Maryland Confederate



On July 3rd, 1863 the Maryland Confederate Infantry charged the Union lines at Culp’s Hill with their dog named Grace.  This horrific battle would see the Maryland Confederates suffer close to a 50% casualty rate.  Colonel Wallace of the opposing 1st Maryland Eastern Shore Regiment U.S. said ” The 1st Maryland Confederate Regiment met us  and were cut to pieces. We Sorrowfully gathered up many old friends and acquaintances and had them carefully and tenderly cared for.”  Sadly killed in the action was Grace the loyal mascot of the Maryland Confederates.  Union General Thomas Kane said “(S)He licked someone’s hand, they said, after (S)He was perfectly riddled.”    Kane had Grace buried properly “as the only Christian minded being on either side.”

The above picture is a Don Troiani print I own called Band of Brothers. If you look closely to the left center of the picture you will see the gallant Grace urging her men on.

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  1. Hello. I enjoyed reading this account and am looking for a primary source that identifies the 1st Maryland’s dog as Grace. Do you know of any? I have only recently begun researching online but have found none, to date. Could Grace be a name that has come to be associated with this mascot by tradition, after the fact, based on the story recounted by General Kane? Thanks for any information you can provide.

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