Union Army visits Myrtle Grove


Myrtle Grove

Myrtle Grove



During the summer of 1861, the Union Army spent much of it’s time on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware disarming suspected “secesch” militia units and disloyal subjects. One of the places visited by the Yankees was Myrtle Grove.  Myrtle Grove on the Miles River Neck was the home of the prominent Goldsborough and Henry families. While the Union troops were searching for weapons, they heard of  the cannon kept at Myrtle Grove. The cannon had been a gift from Lt John Trippe who was related to the Goldsboroughs by marriage.  Lt. Trippe (1795-1810)   was a hero in the First Barbary War had served aboard the U.S. Vixen which was part of Commodore Preble’s squadron during the Tripoli campaign.  Badly wounded, Trippe was given a sword and a commendation by Congress for his actions. Bringing back the small brass cannon captured from the Barbary Coast Pirates as a trophy he gave it to his relatives in Talbot County. For years this small cannon was used as a lawn ornament by the owners of Myrtle Grove.  Now with Martial Law in effect, the Union Army showed up and siezed the cannon and carted it off to Ft. McHenry. The Republicans could now feel safe that this memento from a Patriotic Marylander was taken away. Years later after many petitions by the Goldsborough and Henry families the cannon was returned.  Local legend states that the family may fire the cannon for Robert E. Lee’s birthday. I don’t know if that ever happened! 🙂

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