Kent County, Maryland Confederates

Confederate Names are on the Southern side of the Monument

Confederate Names are on the Southern side of the Monument


  In the beautiful colonial town of Chestertown, Maryland you will find this monument erected in the memory of the brave individuals who fought in the civil war. On the Southern side of the monument are listed the Confederates who served and on the Northern side of the monument are listed the Yankees that served. The monument was erected by Judge James Alfred Pearce, the son of Sentor James A Pearce. The younger Pearce was  2nd Lt in local military units. Unfortunately the Judge, though a Union man left off the 400 Kent Countians of African-American ancestry who served due to the prejudice of the times.    Below are the names of the Kent Countians who served:


Erected by James A. Pearce

June 1917

In commemoration of the Patriotism and valor of a once divided but now reunited Country  To the soldiers of Kent in the Confederate Army1861-1865

Capt Wm I Rasin, McCall M Rasin, Geo T. Hollyday, Sol Wright, Geo W Rolph, Lt H.C. Blackiston (killed Bunker Hill, VA), S.H.Blackiston, Jas A Kennard (killed at 1st Manasses), Thos H Gemmel (killed at Winchester, VA), J Chapman Spencer (killed Greenland Gap), Jas J Spear, DeWitt C Spear, Edwin W Spear, Rev Wm B Everett, Hugh M Wallis, Levi Perkins (killed Winchester, VA), Dr Wm H Lassell, Rev James T Lassell, Samuel J Kelly (wounded at 1st Manasses and died), John H Kennard, Wm T Wallis, H C Wallis, John E Sudler, Fred K Baker, B H Spencer, Geo M Beasten, Luther Handy, Harry McCoy, Robt H McCoy, Medford Hynson, Josiah L Dulaney, Jas S Price (killed Franklin, TN), Henry Willson, Samuel G Gleaves, Wm C Price (killed Appomattoc.VA), Benj C Vickers (killed Shiloh, TN), Ferdinand B Price


“Under the sod, the blue and gray waiting alike for Judgement Day”


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  1. You’ve gone quiet again Mr Wade. What’s up?

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  2. Thank you for this article. I am a descendant of the Pearce line, and am very interested in any further information you may have on this family.

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