Used Bookstores are my friend.

One can never have too many books. Until a recent promotion I was traveling for work all across the nation. While living in hotels and airports starts to wear on you, finding nice used bookstores in every town or city I visited kept me going. I was fortunate to find quite a few good deals, sometimes picking up regional or local histories that while common in their area I would be hard pressed to find these books in mine.

One of the most interesting bookstores I came across was  in General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I purchased 10 civil war books that were very reasonable. Half of these books dealt with the famed Iron Brigade. The store is called Renaissance Books and I recommend them highly. The only problem I had with this transaction was making sure my luggage wasn’t overweight . haha

In Louisville Kentucky I came across a nice store called “A Book By It’s Cover”. Bought 20 books here and shipped them home to avoid any airline excessive weight charges. Here I purchased books that dealt with both Union and Confederate soldiers and units from Kentucky. I am sure this guy is praying I find my way back to Louisville and make another large purchase.

I also dealt with a used bookstore chain in several places called Half Price Books. They usually have great prices as well as a good selection.  I picked “Cutler’s Brigade at Gettysburg” by James McLean for about $10.00 with a coupon. This book has long been out of print and usually sells for over $100.00.

Nothing beats finding a rare book or one you have been looking for since the dawn of time at a great price. Please continue to patronize your local book dealers and say no to ebook readers.  While I appreciate many of the conviences of the digital age, I still love the smell and feel of an old book in my hands.

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